Some very horrible worms were caught by my Dell laptop a year ago; I rescued all my significant material on an additional hard drive. With a Mac, I changed my Dell in a unrelated flip of gatherings and also have been able to retrieve knowledge from your hard disk without difficulty. The thing is, I’m sure the drive features a few viruses that are residual and I really donot need to invade any more PCs with it. I’d like to help you to save my documents, although I was likely to reformat it anyway. Could then checking them for Windows and transferring those records infections back onto the newly reformatted hard disk be enough? asked Apr 30’10 at 18:36 You cannot be too sure. Nevertheless it can help. I take advantage of ClamXav on OSX.

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One more thing you may is always to look at articles of the drive utilising the Terminal. That way you’ll not be unable to rapidly capture documents that may watch out of spot. I generally try this after I must plug-in an USB that has been utilized on a Windows system: I take a glimpse in the articles via the layer, and plug it sometimes on my laptop running Linux or my MacBook. Responded Apr 30’10 at 19:00 a livecd which can be used-to eliminate many infections is offered by aVG. What I would be convinced nevertheless is start in to a procedure that is ubuntu to-do get everything you need from the drive and format it entirely. Needless to say, it can depend on how big the HD and the variety of documents, but merely putting it available.

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Responded Apr 30’10 at 19:may Ya utilize the avg livecd, its wonderful a quick. Then you can takeoff the info on your mac and format & ndash; thegreyspot May 8’10 at 5:32 Make use of the documents you desired to keep to be scanned by the aforementioned ClamXav software, copy them to your Mac. Accomplished and performed. There is no need to start scanning the Windows directory if you’re not trying to recover the device employing a LiveCD or something that way. If you’re referring to those viruses that work upon putting your drive to the (Windows) pc, then you just need to look out for autorun.inf (occasionally hidden) while in the reason behind your push, in Mac. Start the file (its a text report) and see where its Open= as well as other applicable measures point out, and from there you could discover the viruses. Delete all appropriate versions, subsequently remove the autorun.inf file. Clear your Rubbish and also you’re done.

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I do that to “disinfect” thumbdrives. (Universities are excellent conditions for distributing computer worms. ) Modify: Oh yes because Mac does not follow autorun.inf activities the theory behind this is – its a point that is Windows. (That Will Be another reason Mac is really a lot more secure than Windows) Responded May 8’10 at 3:18 2016 Pile Change, Inc